Dear Self

Lately “I” have been reflecting on this static place of yours. “I” am a bit concerned over the fact that you are getting too used to your routine, that your are just too comfortable to resist change. Material needs seem to demand more money and less time to design a life with meaning and purpose. Think of life as seasons… You can’t be just winter, but spring, summer or fall. Changes need to be made in order to let go of dry feelings while expecting new things to flourish with time.

You are your best critic, thought you might not be your best promoter. It is time to replace insecurity by confidence, fear by trust, ignorance by knowledge, excuses by determination, and most importantly contempt by will power. Only your beautiful self knows your strengths and flows. Give more thought to the things you are passionate about and create a plan that develops those talents. Write things down and make these visible to you every single morning. Do not lose sight of your goal and overall strive for health and happiness. And while you try to construct an ideal future, remember that life happens now. It deems necessary to embrace the journey with all its implications: light and darkness, joy and sadness, company and self-reliance, abundance and scarcity.

Be humble and starve your ego. Attempt to remove or lessen the usage of the first-person singular of your vocabulary. Serve others. Give your time, energy, knowledge and resources to help someone in need. Replace fear by trust in every single aspect of your life. Trust the process. It might seem difficult, but faith is required. Some will choose to believe in nothingness, other will choose to believe in themselves [which is amazing,] you might choose to belief not only in yourself but in a higher source, a universal energy, ascended masters, angels and archangels, souls and guided masters, you name it.

Be the best that you can in every single thing that you do. Do not surrender your tranquility to others. Act with kindness and compassion. Haven’t you heard that even the strongest people fight battles nobody knows about? Make a note to yourself and make yourself happy.

There is no other way to walk the path of life. Be present and be happy. Stay healthy. Stay active. Stay thankful. Never stop searching for your passion.


Your Higher Self


9 pensamientos en “

  1. Cuando me corresponda comunicarme con mi “YO”, voy a solicitar que seas tu quien redacte las palabras que le dirigiré, pues lo haces de forma excepcional.

  2. Me gustaría volver a tenerte en face, he vuelto por personas como tu. Me añades a tu especial lista de amigos? quiero formar parte de ella. Gracias y acuérdate porque yo no te veo. Un beso

      • No llegue a cerrarlo, mas bien hice limpieza. Despues empezaron a pedirme amistad otras personas nuevas y de 5 que deje ya llevo 13. Sabes que soy selectivo y tu no podias faltar. Gracias


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