Here I am… questioning my worthiness in absence of promised happy endings. Expectations take us higher and then precipitate as heavy rainfall. We all go through ups and downs… certainly in this lifetime there is no time for defeat. Either we crash or get up and move on.

So much worry about personal daily battles, while a bloody war unfolds. Increased persecution, death, famine and injustice takes place in the name of prophets, religious beliefs and ideologies; ruling out that most faiths seek spiritual evolution, perfection and salvation, regardless of one’s belief in heaven or hell, promised messiahs, karma, dharma and re-birth, human salvation, eternal life, you name it.

Conflict is inherent to our nature and we -as a human race- will never be able to starve our ego and/or admit the absence of absolute truths.  If we could only find ourselves mirrored in each other’s eyes, through each other souls, we would feel the pain and the joy, we will see each other scars and the apprehensions of the daily life.

But it all sounds too impractical, too utopian.

When war reaches my home, my job, my street, my family and friends… I can only hope it finds me saved.

Saved from myself.


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